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What is Business Plan Homework Help?

Business plan homework help works with students to effectively and creatively complete business plans for academic and real world purposes.  Our business specializes in helping students with business plan homework for several reasons.  First, a business plan may follow any number of structures and still be effective.  From this, students find that choosing a structure of the best suits their business and personality is difficult to accomplish.  Further, instructors failed to offer adequate training to students to help them with this issue.  Even worse, a favored structure by an instructor may not be the best structure for your business plan for your particular situation.  To mitigate these issues, Finance Homework Help will work hand-in-hand with you to organize your business plan, find resources needed to support your thoughts and ideas, and prepare a final report using the information found.  This usually leads to a professionally written business plan that may be used in the academic world as well as for business purposes.

Why Is A Business Plan Important?

A business plan is important for numerous reasons.  An effective business plan keeps the business focused on their main objectives for operations.  For example, public firms often seek out mergers and acquisitions.  However, these actions often fail due to the CEO failing to understand and stay true to their purpose in business.  Having a business plan and following the plan will keep small business owners from making similar mistakes in taking on new projects or acquiring other small companies.  In addition, writing a business plan allows the business owner did take their thoughts and ideas and put them on paper.  This allows the writer to continually refine the message of the business plan until a satisfactory concise plan is created.  Finally, small business owners often seek out funding from banks or venture capitalists.  In this endeavor, one of the first things that a business lender will ask for is a business plan.  From these numerous reasons, most business owners understanding the necessity of having a professionally prepared business plan.

A common choice for a small business owner is to hire a business plan writer.  This option is an excellent strategy for busy students and small business owners.  However, in writing your own business plan, a multitude of benefits are found.  When a small business owner writes their own plan, then when the need arises to edit the plan, they are well-versed on the topics covered in her easily able to make changes to the plan when external or internal environmental changes arise.  Conducting the research for the business plan is just as educational and meaningful as just reading the plan.  Through research, small business owners often identify trends or market opportunities that may be missed when a professional writer prepares the business plan.  And finally, knowing how to prepare and right a professional business plan saves small business owners and students hundreds if not thousands of dollars.  From this, students in small business owners should take steps to systematically structure, prepare and write effective business plans.


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Who Needs to know How To Write A Business Plan?

Small business owners and business students should not be able to prepare and right a professional business plan.  Small business owners should understand and be able to write a business plan because the process allows the owner to better understand the internal workings of their business.  This is accomplished because of the in-depth analysis of the business is needed to write the plan.  In writing a plan, the small business owner will also examine their external environment including competition and customers taste.  By examining both components in detail, small business owners may be able to identify opportunities in the marketplace to be exploited.  This will lead to the small business growing through market exploitation.  Finally, writing a professional business plan will save the small business owner hundreds of dollars by not needing to hire professional writer.

Students need to be able to write a small business plan for different reasons.  First, writing a small business plan is usually a capstone project for undergraduate business majors and MBAs.     Professionally writing the business plan will enable the students to obtain a higher grade for the final class.  In addition, through the business plan writing process, students will have a better understanding of the industry they wish to embark upon.  This will lead to possibly better interviewed tactics and increase their opportunities for higher salaries.  Finally, being able to write an effective business plan will say students time because they will not need to research professional business plan writers and hope they do a quality job.

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Step by Step - Business Plan Writing Explained:

Business Plan Terminology:

Before an in-depth review of a business plan is conducted, examination of terminology used when dealing with the plans is needed.

  • Executive summary - This portion of the business plan is a summary of the various components of the plan.  This section of the business plan is the most important because people usually do not read past the first page.
  • Entrepreneurial process - The entrepreneurial process start with identifying the problem, understanding what will happen if the problem is not solved, designing a solution for the problem, taking actions to implement the solution, and making adjustments to the plan of action until optimal results are obtained.
  • Internal environment - In business, the internal environment is often referred to actions within the company.  This includes strategies, marketing, products, and pricing.
  • External environment - The external environment includes customers, competitors, economy, and the industry at large.
  • Business financials – Business financials are probably the second most important part of the business plan. Business financials include income statement, balance sheet, in cash budget.


Business Plan - Step by Step:

Business Plan
Business Plan

Step one:   The first step to writing a good business plan is to identify a problem in the marketplace.  Often, business owners and students skip this step and go straight to the solution which is their idea of a business.  By doing this, business plan writers often lose the perspective of their target audience.  From this, the best starting place for writing a business plan is to identify the problem that the company wishes to solve.

Step two:   The second step is to now come up with a solution to the problem.  The solution should be your business.  By using this perspective, business owners will be able to focus on specifically solving the customer’s problem and the best way possible.

Step three:   Do research.  Research should be conducted related to the businesses internal and external environments.  By examining their environments in separate components, business owners will better understand how they can structure their internal environment to best exploit market opportunities in their external environment.

Step four: Financials.   With research conducted, business plan writer should now create an Excel template to examine various scenarios and how the scenarios will impact sales and profits.  From this understanding, business writers will be able to choose the best case scenario for their business plan.

Step five:  Write the plan.  In writing the plan, always start with the company’s description in that the executive summary.  Next, write out your market research and various strategies for the company.  Once this is complete, insert and explain your financial statements.  Finally, write up your executive summary and conclusion.  Following these steps will allow small business owners is students to quickly and efficiently complete their business writing task.

Step six: Edit and implement.    Once your business plan is complete, the next step is to implement and execute your business plan.  Through your execution process, you will find the need to change parts of your business plan.  From this, a continuous editing process should ensue.

Concluding Thoughts on Business Plan Writing:

Business plan homework help works with students and business owners to professionally and accurately create business plans for a multitude of purposes.  Small business owners need business plans to focus their business actions, obtain funding, and better understand their internal and external environments.  In contrast, students need to create business plans to pass their business courses and to better understand the industry they wish to embark upon after graduation.  Regardless of the reason for the need of the business plan, small business owners and students should have the skills needed to create a viable, professional business plan.  This will save both parties money from not needing to hire a professional.

Before you write your business plan, make sure to understand important terminology used within the business plan.  Some important terms to understand our executive summary, entrepreneurial process, internal environment, external environment, and business financials.  By understanding these terms, research for your business plan will be easier and writing up your plan will make more sense.

There are six steps common in writing a business plan.  The first step is to identify the problem that your business is to solve.  From this, in detail, explain how your business will solve this problem.  Next, do research on your internal and external environment.  Financials are also critical component for your business plan.  Make sure to thoroughly understand your revenues and costs for the section.  Finally, write your plan!  In doing this, you will have a better understanding as to how your business will best suit the needs of your customers and whether your endeavor will be profitable or not.  Finally, implement your plan and edit accordingly.  By following these steps, students and business owners will have an increased chance for success in the business world and academic.

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